Mount Vedeer Wines

fine wine merchants have one goal to procure and re-sell wines that are second only to Dionysus' own personal cellar casks. Mount Vedeer Appellation wines are certainly at the top of the food chain when it comes to the smooth richness that is sought by wine connoisseurs across the globe. While some people are of the belief that these "mountain wines" are nothing more than a gimmick, the fact of the matter is that there is a rich earthiness to a wine from the Mount Vedeer region that cannot be reproduced elsewhere. Looking for the right food to accompany your wine can be difficult so we can make it easy for you, visit restaurants high wycombe where you will find a wide selection of great food so you won't be disappointed

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Mount Veeder Reds Rich and Spicy

The red wines of this appellation are known for their deep-bodied richness. While each winemaker is able to harness an entirely different flavour and delicate hum of personality in each bottle of wine, there is a definite bass not of earthy minerality that permeates through each bottle. Subtle floral and dark berry notes are also clearly tangible.

Mount Vedeer Whites Soft and Refreshing

The intense earthiness of these white wines is offset by a hint of soft fruitiness that makes each wine more palatable than most. Succulent stone fruit flavours make these Mount Vedeer Appellation wines seem almost exotic. Subtle notes of fragrant citrus add a gentle purr of freshness that is completely unparalleled. These wines offer a perfect balance between tang and spice.

The Mountain that Bears the Magical Fruit

Located in California's Nappa Valley, the Mount Veeder Appellation is a sun-drenched Garden of Eden, as far as vintners are concerned. Generally warm days are offset by the occasional brisk wind, making this fertile area the perfect spot for a lengthy growing season. Over 100 wines bear the Mount Veneer name, each of them fruity and robust. Cabernet Sauvignon is perhaps the most popular wine of choice, with its warm cedar notes and subtle hints of cassis.

Cool breezes rushing in off San Pablo Bay most definitely add something special to the growing conditions of these wines. There is an undoubted hint of exotic minerality that can only be attributed to the salty breeze of the sea. Combined with the high elevation of the vineyards, the grapes here are somehow extraordinary in terms of flavour and intensity.

Mount Vedeer Appellation Wines Dominant Varieties

Due to the fact that this mountain is much cooler than others in the Nappa region, the climate is perfect for those juicy, late-ripening fruits. A combination of distinctive shale and sandstone soils makes this a great spot for the region's three most popular wines Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay. Of course, these are not the only labours of love found in the region. There are over 18 different types grapes grown on the mountain. The two most unique varieties are Mataro and Carignane.

Superior Craftsmanship

The winemakers in this region are proud of their craft. They are committed to growing only the best grapes and crafting the world's most superior wines. Fine wine merchants should have no trouble finding a few remarkable wines to add to their stores.